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Achieving Sustainable Operations Excellence

The context in which companies operate is becoming ever more complex - market volatility has become the "new normal", shareholder and stakeholder expectations for reliability, efficiency and profitability are increasing, and competitive pressures require ever more agility. Against this backdrop, companies are investing in productivity improvements and operations excellence efforts seeking to gain an edge of competition, and increase their ability to adapt to shifting market conditions.

While many companies are investing in productivity improvements, success rates for achieving and sustaining operational improvements are quite low.  Narrow approaches that focus solely on improvement tools and methodologies or are overly dependent on elaborate standards, procedures and technologies often lead to an inability to attain, or sustain results.

The benefits of operations excellence will always be short-lived because of the effects of organizational entropy.  Businesses are open systems that interact with a plethora of external sub-systems upon which a corporation may not have influence.  Over time, entropy will build up in the organization resulting in a dearth of energy that can feed the sustenance of operational excellence KPI's.  A fine balance needs to be found between the organization and its surrounding ecosystem through the mechanism of dissipative sub-systems that convert locked up energy to useful productive energy.  ENTROphi, through the application of systems thinking and systems tools, can help you design and implement a sustainable operations excellence program.